Zero Joint Technology: HOMAG airTec Edgebanding

Manufacturers seeking top-notch quality in zero-edge edgebanding technology can now achieve unparalleled aesthetics and performance with the HOMAG airTec system. Previously, this level of quality and performance could only be obtained through laser systems, but now manufacturers of all sizes can afford to produce superior edges using the best-in-class technology of the HOMAG airTec. When it comes to a premium zero-edge look, or high-temperature and moisture resistance, the airTec system provides a simple and clean solution when compared to standard hotmelt gluing systems.

What is HOMAG airTec Technology?

The term “zero-edge edgebanding” refers to a technique that involves applying a polymer layer called the functional layer to the panel. The HOMAG airTec system melts this layer into the panel using super-heated compressed air to activate the adhesive edge material resulting in invisible glue lines. The technique was first developed for laser use almost 15 years ago. Thanks to the HOMAG airTec technology, even small shops can now manufacture high-quality zero-edge products at an affordable price.

Zero Joint Edgebanding Benefits

The functional layer resulting from zero-edge applications with the HOMAG airTec system is a superior alternative to glue lines. It doesn’t age, discolor, or accumulate dirt over time. Additionally, it creates a joint that can withstand high heat and improved moisture resistance, making it ideal for medical and dental cabinets. Being easy to clean, this functional layer is perfect for maintaining a hygienic environment.

The seamless lines are particularly well-suited for high-end products, being the perfect solution for super matte and high-gloss doors, especially if you are using white edgebanding on white panels or light colors, and you don’t want a visible glue line.

What about veneer, HPL strips, or if you cannot find the matching banding for a woodworking project?

Edgebanders with the HOMAG airTec system still come with a gluing unit so you can still use glue for any other edgebanding materials such as thin tape, veneer, or some unique color where you may not have a matching zero-edge adhesive. An added benefit is that you can automatically switch between HOMAG airTec and glue with just the touch of a button. The HOMAG airTec system is an affordable solution that enables manufacturers of all sizes to achieve exceptional aesthetics and edgebanding performance using zero-edge technology.

HOMAG edgebander configurations are customizable and can be adapted to meet the specific needs of each customer. 

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