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WoodWOP Components

Creating components in WoodWOP is simple; however the components may be modified into very powerful pro- gramming tools. WoodWOP programs that use multiple component operations may be confusing because of identical component icons. Make each individual machining operation stand out by�creating individual component icons.

WoodWOP components -showing multiple componentsWoodWOP programs using multiple components

Creating Customized Icons

WoodWOP components -custom iconsCustomized iconsWoodWOP components -standard iconsStandard iconsCreating individual or unique icons is one advantage to using components. Every component is created using the standard icon, but the programmer may create a specific icon design to highlight and separate the component macros used within a larger MPR program. Reviewing a complex MPR that utilizes multiple components can be confusing and it will take time looking for the name of each component. If these components were created with specialized icons, the programmer will immediately recognize the macro function.

Customized Icons – Step by Step

1. Open the Windows Paint program from the Accessories list within Windows

WoodWOP components -open Paint

2. All component icons are created as bitmap images and are stored in C: or D:WW4A1ML 
Open any of the icon bitmaps in this folder.

WoodWOP components -open icons

3. Using the View / Zoom / Custom options, enlarge the image then change the icon using the shapes, drawing options and colors of the Paint Program.

WoodWOP components -colors

4. Save this new icon image into the ML4 folder using a unique name.

WoodWOP components -standard icon designStandard icon component designWoodWOP components -custom icon designCustom icon design

5. Open WoodWOP, then select:

File / Component / Open and select the desired component. Select the Panel Size macro and select the “Additional Parameters” (+) icon.

WoodWOP components -71

5a. Select the Change Symbol icon

WoodWOP components -change symbol

5b. Select the desired bitmap icon image

WoodWOP components -bitmap icon

5c. Click on the OK button to save this selection.

6. Save the component under the original name. The new icon will appear next to the component in the pull down menu.

WoodWOP components -101

7. When the component is selected from the Component Browser, the new icon will be displayed next to the component name, file size, type and date modified.

WoodWOP components -111


Next Steps

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Source: Phil Rasey, Stiles Education’s Machining Center Specialist | August 2005