Streamline Your Cabinet Manufacturing Process with the Vertongen Kitchen Cabinet Cell

Switch to Vertongen to Solve your Cabinet Door Manufacturing Challenges

Do you want to reduce your manufacturing costs? How about reducing the money you have tied up in inventory or freeing up floor space to add additional value-added processes to your shop? Or getting a solution that solves quality challenges and reduces the rework and manicuring you must do? Would you like to reduce operator training time, allowing team members to produce precision parts without having years of prior knowledge? Are you concerned about the safety of machining small parts for your employees? If any of these apply to you, you need to think about Vertongen.

Who is Vertongen?

Vertongen is a Belgium-based company founded in the 1900’s. The company’s focus and expertise until recently has been on perfecting machines for the manufacturing of European-style windows and doors. These machines were required to produce a batch size one production out of necessity since European home construction spanning the centuries had not been standardized. 

The Partnership Between Stiles Machinery and Vertongen | Manufacturing Solutions for 5-Piece Cabinet Doors

Vertongen and Stiles first began our partnership to develop manufacturing solutions centered around 5-piece cabinet doors. Today, we have three machine offerings that, in a very small footprint, can manufacture up to 600 kitchen cabinet doors in an 8-hour shift using a batch size of one approach. Let me introduce you to the Kitchen Cell. 

The PenPro Kitchen Cabinet Cell

The kitchen cell is our solution for coping and sticking 5-piece door rails and stiles. It’s comprised of two machines: 

  • Pentho: a CNC-controlled single-end tenoner. 
  • Profil: a CNC-controlled single spindle moulder. 

Let’s take a close look at each.


  • The Pentho features automated travel squaring and a length fence. As the machine automatically feeds the parts into the cutter head, the fence then squares the parts by moving perpendicular to the cutter, where an automatic length fence follows by sizing the parts to the proper length with each cut. This method eliminates the need for putty and repair of open joints caused by a poor machining process. 
  • The 300mm spindle of the machine enables the ability to stack up to 9 profiles, reducing or eliminating changeover time. 
  • A 15-second changeover between profiles makes batch size one production realistic. 
  • The Pentho has intuitive touchscreen controls. 
  • Barcoded parts eliminate operator decision-making throughout the machining process. 
  • Parts as short as 4” and widths up to 9” can be processed safely. 


  • The 300mm spindle can stack up to 9 profiles, reducing or eliminating changeover time. 
  • The outboard fence grants the production of 4-inch parts.  
  • With an infeed belt that can correctly size parts that are oversized between 0 to 0.0625 inches in width, your parts don’t need to be perfectly accurate upon entering the cell. 
  • The recessed cutter head can safely handle parts as narrow as 1.5” and lengths as small as 4” long. 
  • Side pressure on the infeed and outfeed belts help position parts correctly and eject parts from the machine once complete. 
  • There are 15-second changeover times between profiles. 
  • Ready to receive Barcoded parts. 

A Combined Solution to Combat Challenges with Labor Shortages, Operator Training, Limited Floor Space, and Process Efficiencies

The Profil, used in conjunction with the Pentho, allows us to produce all the parts needed to build a door—in the correct order for downstream operations with only one operator.  Solve your cabinet door manufacturing challenges with the Vertongen PenPro Kitchen Cabinet Cell. 

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Author: Justin Hopper, Solid Wood Product Specialist at Stiles Machinery