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T&J Custom Woodworking’s Journey to the Finest Finish

Custom woodworking requires well honed skills and an eye for perfection. That eye led T&J Custom Woodworking to the HOMAG SANDTEQ W-124 RC.                       

Custom woodworking requires well honed skills and an eye for perfection.  This discerning eye ultimately led T&J Custom Woodworking to the HOMAG SANDTEQ W-124 RC.  This sander is packed with power – yet compact and affordable.

As a two-man shop, T&J’s goal is not to be the biggest…but to be the best. As with any growing business, time is a precious commodity that isn’t easy to find. The HOMAG sander has helped T&J reduce sanding labor while producing the best possible quality.

“When we were originally looking for a sander, we had a simple view. As skilled woodworkers, we knew we needed to calibrate and finish sand wood, and our desire was to replace our old sander with a 2 head machine.  Stiles Machinery helped educate us on sanding and recognize there was more to consider.  We didn’t realize why a steel drum was important or what segmented pad technology would do for us. Stiles listened and helped shape our view of what a sander could do to help us best achieve our goals.  As a result, we are saving time and money…everyday”

The HOMAG sander has helped T&J reduce labor dramatically.  All painted cabinet parts go straight to finish after sanding. In addition to this, all veneer sanding is done quickly thanks to the segmented pad technology built into the sander. 

 “All veneered parts used to be sanded by hand.  Now, we run all these parts through the machine at the touch of a button and they are perfectly sanded every time.”

T&J Owners

“With the HOMAG sander, we average less than 10 minutes of sanding per kitchen.” 

 The segmented pad technology not only sands veneer perfectly without burning through edges, but also prevents dubbing on solid wood parts, keeping all edges crisp, maintaining proper profiles and flatness.

 “As we continue to grow, we don’t intend to add more people.  We will continue to invest in technology –  like the HOMAG sander, to continue to give us an edge on our competition, allowing us to do more work better and faster.  We are glad we purchased our HOMAG sander and could never go back.”

 T&J Custom Woodworking is your one stop shop for anything Woodworking.