Automate Your Panel Handling: The GANTRYX from Doucet Machineries

Utilize Automation to Repurpose Your Employees for Higher-Level Work

If your shop has been manually handling and transferring panels throughout the production process, you know that it is a tiresome, labor-intensive, and repetitive job. What if there was a solution that allowed you to repurpose your employees currently dealing with panel handling to a higher-level job? We’ve got good news: there is. Doucet Machineries recently introduced the GANTRYX Stacker and Destacker to the market in the fall of 2022. The GANTRYX, an articulated arm with vacuum grip, automates the handling of panels at the infeed and outfeed of your moulder or sander—creating a seamless transition between machines.

Why use the GANTRYX?

Having a 3-axis vacuum grip manipulator, the GANTRYX can rotate each panel from minus 90 to plus 180 degrees, allowing multiple stack patterns and each piece to be oriented to its next passage through the moulder or sander. The machine can also work with stacks up to 40” tall and areas up to 120” wide, with other widths available upon request. Carefully handling the panels, the GANTRYX operates at a high cycle rate, gaining efficiencies otherwise not seen with manual handling.

The Benefits of Automating Your Panel Stacking and Destacking

Automating your panel stacking and de-stacking provides many benefits: a reduction in employee injuries from completing the task manually, increasing the efficiency of the overall production cell, and improving your part quality. The GANTRYX is user-friendly and easy to program, with a simple touchscreen to adjust your parameter settings. By automating the beginning stages of your production, you have full control of the flow and feed rate of your factory.

Contact Cory Veenstra, E-Tech Product Manager at Stiles, to learn more: or 616-690-8294. 

Author: Cory Veenstra, E-Tech Product Manager at Stiles Machinery