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Looking for inventory and job processing management? Look no further! Work preparation helps organize inventory and production.


Welcome to cloud-based inventory management for boards and edgebanding! materialManager can be used in the office setting or production floor to input board and edgebanding inventories for quick reference and accurate inventory counts. materialManager offers a comprehensive and detailed registration and management of materials and material data, transfers material properties and distributes material data to machines and other applications. For the management of up to 100 materials. Make materialManager even more powerful by combining with materialAssist Edge and intelliDivide Cutting or Nesting.


woodWOP is the CNC programming system of the HOMAG Group.

The large graphics area with a three-dimensional view of the workpiece is the centerpiece of the innovative surface. Routing, drilling or sawing can quickly and easily be programmed by entering the machining parameters and displayed realistically in the graphics area. This guarantees highest programming safety and permanent control during program generation.

  • Higher programming accuracy due to 3D graphics of workpieces, machining and clamping aids.
  • Quick data input through direct navigation.
  • Very easy to operate due to the new design of the user interface, e. g. individually adjustable windows, multiscreen ability, language-neutral input masks, help images etc.
  • Largest forum on CNC programming in the internet:
The new woodWOP 7 heralding a new era in machine-oriented programming software
  • Enabling workpieces, processing operations and clamping in 3D
  • Implementing CAD-Style design and derive trimming contours automatically
  • Generate 3D surfaces and import 3D models
  • Very easy to operate with newly designed user interface
    • Individually adjustable windows
    • Multiscreen ability
    • Language neutral input masks
    • Enhanced help & images
  • Position axis programming -  (5th axis made simple)
  • Suction Cup suggestion tool
  • woodWOP Wizard allowing processing operations for edge banding
  • woodWOP CAD-Plugin
    • Directly integrated CAD system
    • Quickly draw contours, lines, arcs, circles, ellipses and splines
    • DXF Import
    • 3D-CAD construction directly in woodWOP
    • Enhancing product design in 3D
    • Programming 3-,4-, 5-axis
  • woodWOP CAM-Plugin
    • Allows tool path generation by selecting a surface
    • 3D programming for 3-axis machines
    • Pocket trimming with islands /  3D curve trimming
    • 3D roughing / 3D finishing
    • 3D surfaces for 4-,5 axis  (Pro)