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Design, engineer, render and send to machine in a single and powerful tool. With SmartCabinet, output to your saw or CNC machine in just 20 minutes.


Scalability for Growth

Whether you have 5 or 100 employees, SmartCabinet adapts to your growth journey, providing a scalable solution for woodworking professionals.



SmartCabinet's intuitive interface reduces the learning curve, allowing businesses to create designs and manage manufacturing processes more efficiently.


Flexible Licensing

Choose between subscription and licensing options to suit your budget and preferences, providing you with the flexibility and control you need.

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Seamless Integrations

Experience a new level of workflow efficiency with machinery and system integrations. SmartCabinet is an open platform that integrates with most CNC machinery manufacturers. SmartCabinet is optimized with Cut Rite, woodWop, HOMAG productionManager, and intelliDivide. 

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CAD | Design Flexibility 

SmartCabinet was designed to address the gaps for small-to-mid-sized woodworking businesses. A user-friendly software, SmartCabinet streamlines the design and engineering process for woodworking professionals.

With its intuitive design, high-quality graphics interface, real-time render engine, and other tools, SmartCabinet is set to reshape the woodworking market and empower businesses to achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity.

Create within a dedicated design environment with SmartCabinet.

CAM | Production Versatility

With a single click, you can export cutting, edging, and material lists, eliminating waste and delays in your shop. 

All the machines in your production can be managed with SmartCabinet, allowing you to synchronize the phases of your production cycle from one single program. 

Stiles Machinery is the exclusive distributor of SmartCabinet in North America, bringing this powerful solution directly to your business.


Render | Room Planning

Transform your customer engagement by utilizing SmartCabinet's render function to construct personalized room plans. With Render, effortlessly drag and drop various elements such as cabinets, furniture, appliances, decorations, and even pets to create captivating visual environments and allow your customers to experience their new space instantly.

While creating in render, engineering data for machine production is automatically generated with just a click of a button. Each individual cabinet or environment can be exported in a three-dimensional format, enabling easy sharing with architects or customers through web links.

Impress your customers, architects, and interior designers on each project by using SmartCabinet to build and share your cabinet designs.

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Simplify and speed up your work. Output to your saw or CNC machine in just 20 minutes

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For companies of all sizes, capable of managing any hardware and any CNC machine.



Design, engineer, render and send to machine in a single and powerful tool.

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