Stiles Digital Solutions
Service Software


Enhance the production experience with support services and machine monitoring.



Cloud-based tool and material management. Fast recognition and recording of tools and materials with the help of the scan function. In addition, your individual data can be stored for each tool and material. Assign predefined storage locations to your tools and materials, and create custom QR codes and print labels to track tools and materials as well.


ServiceBoard allows users to submit and track tech support requests in real-time. Attach files, send messages for support cases and review historical support cases and notes all contained in one app. Additional features will make the support process even more streamlined. Functions such as machine maintenance monitoring, video diagnostics and parts ordering will help expedite the process of supporting production and business operations. Save more money (up to 25% of service technician travel costs) with ServiceBoard as well. ServiceBoard allows you to easily and quickly communicate with your service partner from anywhere in the world.