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Production Software

materialAssist Edge

Production floor solution for edgeband inventory management. materialAssist integrates a physical rack with the materialAssist Edge electronics kit to store and track rolls of edgebanding. Receive, label and scan edgebanding rolls in and out of stock using a tablet or other mobile device directly on the production floor in real-time. LED light bars help easily store and retrieve edgebanding rolls for production. In addition, part labels on work pieces can be scanned to indicate which edgebanding roll to use for the job. Used in conjunction with materialManager.


ControllerMES - Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturing Execution System - for the wood and furniture industry

Due to the digitalization and connected machines within production processes, manufacturing execution systems are getting even more important. ControllerMES is a modular, scalable and flexible software platform, which supports you in every production process. From configuring production data to the final completeness control.


  • The right solution for both craftsmen and industrial enterprises
  • Flexible customizable Software
  • Support for optimization of production processes
  • 100% update-ready and scalable
  • Increased transparency, efficiency and control
  • Perfect integration of HOMAG machines in an interlinked production process
  • Connection to non-Homag machines are also available


  • Based on the established powerTouch operating technology
  • Production planning with optimal production batches
  • Flexible solution for sorting and order picking
  • Provision and generation of production data for machines and workplaces (cutting, edging, CNC, etc.)
  • Info terminals for paperless production
  • Monitoring production progress

MMR - Office/Cloud/Lite

MMR Office

MMRO logs all production data, including the number of workpieces produced, the run time of the machine and much more. You can evaluate this data centrally in the office at a later time, allowing you to identify and quantify any potential optimizations. In addition, MMR allows machine times and statuses to be recorded with up to 2 years of historical machine data and display standardized KPIs (key performance indicators) to help management and production teams identify bottlenecks and improve production efficiencies.

  • Maintenance information provides usage-based display of the service work required
  • Graphical evaluation of machine statuses across adjustable periods (interval displays, Pareto charts, Gantt charts and line charts)
  • Analysis of key figures as day and shift values and via the machine operation counter
  • Fault analysis of error messages on the machine
  • Central evaluation across multiple machines or interlinked systems

At the machine: make MMR Office even more powerful with a machine upgrade to MMR Pro (upgrade from MMR Basic). Offers user/shift log in and programmable softkeys for manual machine state changes.


MachineBoard provides real-time machine monitoring and machine status overviews from anywhere in the world. Using color-coding to help identify important machine statuses, MachineBoard helps you prioritize what machines require your attention. MachineBoard also provides instant access to machine primary operation, secondary handling (job setup, material handling), maintenance, idle time, machine off and error messages. Additionally, real-time notifications can by pushes to any mobile device with the MachineBoard app. With the MachineBoard app, you’re never more than a tap away from your machinery and business operations.


productionAssist Cutting and Nesting

pA Cutting and Nesting is a cloud-based labeling solution for parts tracking. Using data generated by intelliDivide, send data directly to productionAssist Cutting or Nesting to create labels for faster and more accurate parts identification. pA Cutting and Nesting solutions are inexpensive and you don’t need a HOMAG machine to make them work! Take the guess work out of job and part tracking and organization with productionAssist Cutting and Nesting.


With woodStore, HOMAG provides its storage systems with an intelligent control. It is the brain of each storage system and optimizes all processes in the storage. woodStore links the purchase system to the order processing, manages offcuts, and optimizes material movements. With its modules, the storage control calculates a storage organization that best fits customer‘s demands.


  • No search for panels: Easy panel handling with high type variety
  • Optimization of material handling: since only those quantities are stored that are needed in a predictable time
  • Cost savings: Offcuts are used up
  • Saving of personnel resources: Cutting and material provision are decoupled from each other
  • Reduction of no longer required stocks: Material consumption is coordinated with the ordering system and the order planning
  • No expensive downtimes: Operating machines are fully utilized
  • No disruption of production caused by lack of material: Optimization only uses
  • the available material for planning