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Production Planning Software


Production Planning software helps improve organization, work piece flow control, optimization and data protection.

Cut Rite

The worldwide leading software for optimizing cutting operations for Panel Saws or Nested-based Routers. This powerful, user-friendly program optimizes manufacturing productions for speed or waste, significantly reducing overall cutting costs.

Values and Features:

  • Faster cutting process and material savings due to increased process efficiency
  • Optimized project control thanks to software that is perfectly integrated with the overall process
  • A mature algorithm based on more than 35 years of experience

Powerful Add-on Modules available as a result of the modular structure:

  • PQ – Fully Parametric Product Database for flexible order entry and Bill of Material (BOM) generation
  • SC -  A Powerful inventory control module for Sheet Goods, Offcuts and direct connection to Panel Storage Systems
  • LPC - A stand-alone touch screen labeling station for the creation of barcode labels at manual table saws or nested-based routers



intelliDivide Cutting

Designed by HOMAG’s Digital Factory, intelliDivide Cutting is cloud-based optimization software for beam and sliding table saws. intelliDivide Cutting is fast, inexpensive and innovates the way we create saw optimization by using the power of the cloud. Automatic parameterization and connection for at tapio registered HOMAG saws. Upload from part lists, choose between different results. For cutting up to 10,000 to 100,000 parts per month. Make intelliDivide even more powerful with materialManager and productionAssist Cutting from the Digital Factory.

intelliDivide Nesting

Another solution designed by HOMAG’s Digital Factory, intelliDivide Nesting is a cloud-based nesting solution for nested-bed CNC machines. Optimize your nesting patterns according to different criteria and generate data for the nesting machines. intelliDivide nests woodWOP programs on unprocessed panels automatically. The optimization starts after the data has been uploaded. At the same time, intelliDivide provides key figures for the nesting process. Make intelliDivide even more powerful with materialManager and productionAssist Nesting from the Digital Factory.


Set it and forget it data backups only with DataSave. Machine malfunctions carry costly consequences for any business. With DataSave, you can be sure your machine data stays up-to-date; thus reducing the negative impacts of lost production data. DataSave stores up to 5 machine backups at a time that can be recalled directly from tapio’s secure cloud server at the machine anytime. Once DataSave is setup at the machine, your backups will run automatically–no more remembering to run manual backups! With DataSave, you can automate the machine backup process and restore production data quickly and efficiently.