Order Creation Software


Order Creation Software gives you the power to design your own products and generate output files for processing.

Configurator 3D

Configurator3D – Designer3D – DesignerWEB

End-to-End Solutions for your Configuration Dreams

A highly flexible, graphic product platform built for high-end visualizations for customers focusing on giving their end users the best experience. At the point-of-sale, the orders have a seamless network connection from franchises, designers, or on the web, direct to the manufacturing facility. This platform makes managing technical configurations and commercial elements simple, while part lists and machine data are automatically generated from the designs and immediately available for production. We believe that instead of having to adapt to a software and its functionalities, we consult, guide, and train you on how to create a software that adapts to your company.


  • Increase profitability with opportunity for new sales channels (Online & Offline) and reduction of human errors.
  • Reduce lead times by increasing the speed and accuracy of your order entry processes with one seamless platform from sales to manufacturing.
  • Unique Catalogs allowing for custom experiences for the end user
  • Fully scalable for your business of today while preparing for your business of the future
  • Faster close rate with Real-time rendering, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and WebGL functionalities for custom visualizations
  • Intuitive user interface allowing your designer to focus entirely on your customer
  • Standardizing product catalogs to simplify order entry and reduce “engineering” in house–catalog based and parametric, instead of all custom


  • Full web based application, semi-cloud based system, or local system capabilities
  • Independence from software supplier with fully customizable catalogs and user interfaces
  • Integration with existing ERP and CRM systems
  • Automatic calculation of all linear parts (Toe-kicks, crown moldings, countertops) and generation of paperwork.
  • Perfect integration of HOMAG machines in an interlinked production process
  • Connection to non-Homag machines are also available
  • Different permission levels for different users. Perfect for shop chains, dealers and stores


3D design and production for furniture and interior fitting

Proven. Reliable. Intuitive. Do your customers require even shorter delivery times? Increasingly individualized request? With HOMAG iX software, you have the flexibility to deliver to your customers their designs profitably. A software solution should support your entire process: planning and resentation, design and manufacturing. It must be able to adapt to changing customer requirements during the process.

Based on proven CAD/CAM technology, you can save up to 70% of the time to get work from the customer idea to the production process with HOMAG iX.

(woodCAD|CAM becomes HOMAG iX)