Interactive, 3D Design
Construction Platform

Cutting edge design software ranging from sales, planning, presentation, and manufacturing output.

HOMAG iX Design Suite

HOMAG iX is a comprehensive engineering solution for furniture and interior furnishings manufacturers, offering support from sales to production. Combining 3D construction tools, modern machines, and communication platforms, HOMAG iX enables the cost-effective realization of individual furniture and complex design concepts while ensuring accuracy in the design process.


Connect to Customers

Central tool to connect the HOMAG world with external systems such as ERP, MES or sales systems professionally


Manufacturing Data Creation

The design is used to create accurate components with associated machining and transfer these programs to your machines



Order Data Creation

Projects, orders, master data and parts list in addition to automatically generated production data and documents from customer orders


Complete Design Control

From the initial design you have the data for further processes such as sales or production

what is homag ix? What does it do, and who can use it?

Connections and Integrations

An open design solution that outputs to any machine or any optimization software.

Cut Rite



3D design
and production

Do your customers require even shorter delivery times? Increasingly individualized request? With HOMAG iX software, you have the flexibility to deliver to your customers their designs profitably. A software solution should support your entire process: planning and presentation, design and manufacturing. It must be able to adapt to changing customer requirements during the process. Based on proven CAD/CAM technology, you can save up to 70% of the time to get work from the customer idea to the production process with HOMAG iX.

direct to the machine

The automated CNC data generation in iX CAM can take place via several workflows and enables flexible production planning. Thanks to special milling strategies, solid wood and frame parts are machined considering their respective grain direction.


Client Management

Serving over 4,000 designers and thousands more end-use customers worldwide


Improved Efficiency

Save up to 70% of the time from customer concept to production process


28+ Years

Over 28 years of experience
in design software.


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