Digital Factory

HOMAG's Digital Factory is a comprehensive software solution that provides companies with complete control over their manufacturing processes. One of the core features of this software is the IntelliDivide optimization and nesting solution, which helps to minimize waste and improve the efficiency of the cutting process. This results in significant cost savings and increased productivity for the manufacturer. 

Applications for the Workshop


In addition, Digital Factory includes production management tools that allow for job and part tracking, ensuring that all parts are accounted for, and nothing is missed during the production process. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual tracking methods and greatly reduces the risk of errors or missing parts.


Inventory Management

The Edgeband Management Set feature is another valuable tool within the Digital Factory, as it allows manufacturers to track and monitor their edgeband inventory in real-time. This provides a clear overview of the available materials and helps prevent production delays or material shortages.


The ProductionAssist feature in the Digital Factory provides an easy-to-use interface for labeling and displaying cutting and machining patterns, which helps to streamline the production process and ensure that all components are correctly labeled and organized.


Efficiency Monitoring

MMR Mobile in the Digital Factory package offers real-time machinery efficiency monitoring, giving production managers a detailed overview of machine performance and highlighting any potential issues before they become problems. This feature enables preventative maintenance and increases overall machine uptime, reducing downtime and improving productivity. The HOMAG Digital Factory offers a range of benefits for manufacturers looking to improve their processes and optimize their production lines.


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