Bridging the Office-to-Production Gap

Gain control over your production process by bridging the gap between the office and production team. Monitor and maintain a steady flow of production while balancing overall workload and parts production based on current actual machine capacities. Our Manufacturing Execution System—controllerMES—allows you to track your specific KPIs and guide your production with visual technologies.


Power of the Cloud in Your Palm

As the leaders in cloud-powered technology for the industry, we're the first company to run production entirely from the cloud. Use the power of the cloud to connect to machines in real-time. Monitor machine states, design and optimize cutting patterns, and more from anywhere in the world with tapio.

3D Design and Production

Proven. Reliable. Intuitive. Do your customers require even shorter delivery times? Increasingly individualized request? With engineering and design solutions, you have the flexibility to deliver to your customers their designs profitably. A software solution should support your entire process: planning and presentation, design and manufacturing. HOMAG iX can do just that—support your production front to back while also adapting to changing customer requirements during the process.

CAD CAM software solution Homag iX

Optimize and Nest Patterns

The worldwide leading software for optimizing cutting patterns for saw and nesting patterns for CNCs. This powerful, user-friendly program optimizes manufacturing productions for speed or save money on materials by reducing waste, significantly reducing overall cutting costs. Get started with Cut Rite today.

Powerful Machine Monitoring

Monitor your machinery and measure its efficiency with MMR Office. Parts, quantities, and cycles per hour along with OEE and other key metrics can now be monitored and tracked over time to identify bottlenecks and optimize production flow like never before.


Stiles Machinery Software Solutions

Stiles can introduce you to advances in software integration that are just around the corner. We can help you flex and adapt for a future where you have every advantage. From raw materials to design, from production to shipping, our solutions help you manage your manufacturing processes by delivering more powerful information and greater control.


Order Creation Software

Order Creation Software gives you the power to design your own products and generate output files for processing.


Production Planning Software

Production Planning software helps improve organization, work piece flow control, optimization and data protection.


Production Software

Production software helps with shop floor management, including production and machine efficiency monitoring.


Service Software

Enhance the production experience with support services and machine monitoring.


Shop Solutions Software

Shop solutions allow end-market users (designers and/or end-consumers) to design and interface with you to create and submit their orders.


Work Preparation Software

Looking for inventory and job processing management? Look no further! Work preparation helps organize inventory and production.



The world’s first cloud-based digital platform designed to dramatically increase the efficiency of production management within the woodworking industry including plant and machinery operation, predictive maintenance, production optimization and much more, all from the palm of your hand.



On site software and services coaching, guiding and integration.


Maintenance & Support

Subscriptions for service maintenance and upgrades. 24-hour support.


Data Development

Support for data development, project specific or time based.



Online and onsite training with our digital solutions experts.


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