Vertongen – Shaper Sizer

Size, Square and Shape at the Same Time

The Vertongen Shaper Sizer is a fully CNC-controlled woodworking machine. It is built specifically for shaping, sizing, and squaring flat and elevated center panels and the outer edge profiles of assembled kitchen cabinet doors. With the two swiveling backstops on the automatic length-fence, CNC positioning of both table and spindles, and its electronically positioned clamping device over the total part width, the Shaper Sizer gets results accurate to the millimeter.

Produce outside door edge profiles and coping rails in the same way as the Kitchen Cell. The Shaper Sizer also boasts a large variety of profiles for the outside raised panel, making it possible to install multiple profile types for raised panels and outside door edges at the same time. The larger tooling diameter and rotation speeds give perfect results during cutting in the end grains, reducing the need for sanding every individual panel. This feature also allows woodworkers to stack up to five different profiles for raised panels and another six on the second spindle for the outside door edge, reducing manual adjustments on several machines.

Efficient and Intuitive Production

Work with two parts at the same time, the Shaper Sizer ensures that both rails have the exact length, resulting in a 100% straight door with no rework or openings between rail and stiles. Additionally, the machine’s data connectivity allows for CSV files to be sent to the Shaper Sizer, and barcode reading is available, making it easier to manage the production process and reduce errors.


  • Flat table, clamping entire width
  • From 4″ up to 60″ in automatic mode
  • Less sanding due to higher speed and bigger tooling

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