System TM Opti-Joint V-L

Vertical Long-Length Finger-Jointing Machine

The finger-jointer Opti-Joint V-L has been developed specifically for vertical finger-jointing of long workpieces for the Mass Timber industry. It is characterized by an exceptionally high production capacity and machine utilization. Furthermore, the heavy-duty machine design ensures highest accuracy and outstanding milling & finger jointing performance. Its open and accessible design ensures easy and secure integration of all automation solutions from System TM. 

The Opti-Joint V-L offers a continuous or fixed finger-joint press technology:

Continuous press:

  • Continuous pressing without any stops for cross-cutting to length or length changeover.
  • No length limitation of workpieces.
  • Cross-cut to specific lengths by a flying cross-cut saw unit.

Fixed press:

  • Production including stops for cross-cutting to length and length changeover.
  • Length limitations of workpieces.
  • Cross-cut to length by a fixed saw unit.

Why choose an Opti-Joint V-L?

  • Maximum production capacity, precision, and uptime thanks to intelligent control system
  • High finger-jointing performance through optimal positioning accuracy of workpieces before the shaper or press unit.
  • Open and accessible design – combinable with other System TM machines to custom Opti-Solution
  • Reduced operating costs through use of widely available standard components (e.g. motors, gearboxes, valves, etc.)
  • Access to a wide range of production statistics.
  • High attention to operator safety and machine reliability.

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