STORETEQ S-200 Panel Storage & Retrieval System


Driven by HOMAG’s Woodstore software, the STORETEQ S-200 is the perfect solution to optimize the production of your plant. The STORETEQ is capable of handling materials from wood, plastic (may require the advanced ST-7 head), solid surface or material as thin as a single sheet of laminate. The STORETEQ S-200 can be used as a “Stand-Alone” panel management system. As a panel management system, the STORETEQ S-200 can build chaotically stacked bunks that can delivered be delivered to CENTATEQ (Flat-Table Router) and SAWTEQ’s (Panel Saws) outside of the Store. The STORETEQ S-200 is versatile enough to integrate CNC and Panel Saws also. The increase in throughput is unimaginable from the integrated machines. The STORETEQ S-200 delivers the right material at the right time. Our customers regularly state the following, “I wish I would not have waited this long to purchase and install a STORETEQ”, and “The STORETEQ sets the pace and drives production throughout the plant”.

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