Stegherr – Cross Joint Milling Machine KSF-2E

The Strgherr KSF-2E is the world’s leading CNC Special Milling Machine for the fully automated manufacture and complete processing of high-quality cross joints and grilles in the series production of glazing bars windows and doors. With up to eight aggregates, the machine produces cross joints from wood, aluminum, MDF or PVC bars in excellent quality and processes all components of a glazing bar grille perfectly.


Perfect Joint

The V-cuts for the cross joints are performed by the top and bottom cutter heads, the 90° cuts by the back and front cutter heads. All cuts are done in one clamping. This creates the perfect joint and quality results.

Automatic Height Adjustment

The milling unit can adjust automatically to the varying widths of your profiles.

Tear-Free Coping

Coping of the profiled bars is done by means of two high-speed counterrotating spindles. The result is a perfect, absolutely tear-free coping profile.

Vertical & Horizontal Saw Cut

The integrated saw unit can also cut off frame profiles and glazing beads. Depending on the application required, the cutting angle is adjustable horizontally and/or vertically.