HOMAG SAWTEQ flexTec Panel Saws



The HOMAG SAWTEQ flexTec panel saws bring robotically aided production into your shop, helping combat labor shortages and inconsistent throughput.

The SAWTEQ B-320 flexTec is fully automatic, revolutionizing cutting in batch size one production and offering flexibility by allowing either order-based or customer-specific production. The innovative cutting cell is designed specifically for processing single panels and completely redefines the flow of parts—whether as a standalone solution or interlinked. This machine, which can operate completely autonomously over lengthier periods of time, allows for fully automated processes and unlimited recuts—granting your staff the time and space to perform other necessary tasks.

Following the SAWTEQ B-320, HOMAG created the SAWTEQ B-300/400 flexTec, a hybrid sawing solution that can run much of the time automatically but is also capable of operating as a standard panel saw. The panel saw can automatically stack cut parts into stable layers on multiple de-stacking positions and allow for manual cutting to be performed at the beginning or end of a job. The B-300/400 is also capable of running “lights out,” providing you with additional shifts of cutting production even after everyone in the shop goes home.

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