HOMAG SAWTEQ B-500 Panel Saws



The Homag SAWTEQ B-500 was created to be the nimble Giant. The mineral cast base of the machine bed weighs in at nearly 17,000 pounds on our standard 3800mm cutting length machines. The mineral cast base was designed to absorb any vibration or shock to the machine bed to create a high-performance cutting solution. Our standard 72 Horsepower Main Saw with a 170mm saw blade projection allows for the processing of any material up 150mm (6”) thick. The SAWTEQ B-500 configured as an HPP (Front-Load), HPL (Rear-Load), and HKL (Angular Plant). The SAWTEQ B-500 in the Rear-Load version has replaced many aging angular plants due to its performance and speed. The Plastics (P) version of the SAWTEQ B-500 is right at home cutting thick and heavy plastics as well as Dielectric materials such as G10.

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