Vertongen Linear Profilers



Vertongen Profil Control profiling machines are designed for feed through profiling of window and door parts. Machines have capabilities to profile different components without changing tools. Equipped one or more long spindles, grooving units, slot cutters, or glass bead saws, machine can be configured to suit the unique needs of each customer or process and quickly switching between profiles with a push of a button. Whether doing simple profiling, or using jump heads to prevent breakout on end grain, Vertongen profilers can do the job. The solid table with air jets and feed system helps parts feed easily and quickly while maintaining a high level of accuracy. Machine can be automated for positioning of all axes via the simple and user friendly controls, eliminating the need for manual tool changes or manual adjustments and makes profiling quick.

Available with multiple options and capabilities, Profil Control machines can be customized according to the exacting needs of each individual customer in order to optimize the machine for the specific production requirements.

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