Vertongen Single End Tenoner (Window and Doors)



Vertongen Pentho Compact Single End Tenoners are ideally suited for tenoning as well as performing general woodworking tasks. The robust construction and built in intelligence makes accuracy and repeatability quick and easy. Whether making entry doors, windows, cabinet doors or just putting a profile on the end of a workpiece, a Vertongen Pentho Compact tenoner can do the job quickly and accurately.

Vertongen Pentho Compact Machines come standard with intelligence, capable of storing programs in the touch screen for easily saving positioning data and starting up the appropriate stations. All machines include a cutoff saw, for accurately sizing and squaring your workpiece, 2 opposed horizontal tenon heads, for making tenons without special tooling required, and a choice of 1 or 2 vertical spindles for making slots, or achieving the desired profile. A precision machined steel table with backing wood secures the workpiece during machining. Options such as the Performance pack, High Performance pack and motorized table, help to turn setup time into valuable production time, decreasing the setup time associated with change overs, and increasing the production time on the machine.

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