The Opti-Feed 6000 handles long workpieces from 1200mm to 6100 mm (4′ to 20′) at a high capacity by uniform lengths and widths.  System TM offers three Opti-Feed 6000 solution concepts, matching specific requirements with regard to feeding, floor space and investment. The Opti-Feed 6000 can be equipped with optional features such as pack transport, stick transport, stick collector, equipment for edge protection and noise reduction, bow detection and turning decide, reject station, etc.


  • Suitable for feeding workpieces of random or uniform lengths.
  • Workpiece lengths from 1,200 – 6,100 mm (4’- 20’).
  • Maximum capacity of 50 workpieces per minute.


Additional Configurations: System TM Opti-Feed 6000 Vack

Opti-Feed 6000 Vack is a vacuum de-stacking unit which is able to feed complete or partial layers of workpieces in the correct order into different main machines. Opti-Feed 6000 Vack is suitable for feeding long workpieces from 1,200 – 6,000 mm (4’- 20’) at a capacity of 4 layers per minute, by random or uniform lengths and widths.

The vacuum heads are equipped with check valve technology, which automatically recognizes and closes the check valves in areas without workpieces. This ensures very secure handling and lifting of all layers, random lengths and widths without any adjustment of the vacuum heads.

By a modular design the Opti-Feed 6000 Vack de-stacking unit is suspended from a portal, enabling de-stacking of layers from packs standing directly on the floor without production stop of the main machinery.