Makor – Reciprocating Spray Machine Q-ONE

Automatic Panel Reciprocating Spraying Machine

Q-ONE is a single arm automatic oscillating spray machine utilizing 4 automatic spray guns. It is designed for finishing medium to small lots with water based or solvent based paints, or glue for veneered components, or PVC where frequent product changes or intermittent spraying is required. The conveyor is a self-winding disposable paper roll that eliminates the necessity for a belt cleaning system and the need to clean the machine between jobs. Simply flush the guns in preparation for the next batch of parts. Available as a stand-alone machine or can be integrated into lines with automation and drying solutions


  • Pressurized spray enclosure with adjustable airflow
  • Quick change color valve
  • Paper feeding system with vacuum hold down
  • Paper trolleys on wheels for easy removal / reloading
  • Reading bar at infeed for precise spraying
  • Touch screen for machine control and recipes
  • Dry filtration with easy access

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