Kuper – Euracryl ABP310

Edge Polishing Machine

Large format fully automatic edge polishing machine with CNC-control and tilting milling-/polishing-unit for the finish-processing of sawn or pre-milled surfaces. The machine is suitable for transparent, technical or decorative plastic materials (e.g. PMMA, PC, PETG) or for the processing of mixed materials (PMMA with paper or aluminum).

The necessary process parameters can easily be retrieved with the material library based on the chosen processed material and the desired surface finish. Also, a tool recommendation and the corresponding collocation are displayed.

Due to the high precision of the polishing table, streaking can already be reduced while processing. Additional attachment points for lateral stops or custom devices facilitate the flexible adaption to every product.


CNC Control with Material Library
  • User friendly and clear CNC-control with touchscreen-interface. To simplify the selection of the process parameters, a material library with recommendations for cutting values and appropriate tools is already stored. The library is based on a large database with information about tool properties, types of materials and finish-options.
Machine Core and Front Reference Bar
  • The core of the machine is made of UHPC (technical concrete), which gives the machine extreme rigidity and absorbs vibrations up to 95%. The front reference bar has anchor points that keep it stably in place. If necessary, these points can be readjusted to ensure a constant depth of cut.
  • CNC-controlled milling/polishing-unit with automatic adjustment of tilting value, milling depth, milling feed and clamping bridge. The tilting range of the unit can be adjusted from 0° to +63° depending on the respective machining. The interaction between the polishing unit and the multifunctional table also enables an anti-streak system without additional tools. Hence additional post-processing is not necessary.
Work Area
  • The work area is illuminated and saved by a transparent safety curtain. The workpiece is safely positioned on the worktable during the machining due to the clamping bridge with an anti-rotation lock. A vacuum clamping zone provides additional support for higher machining angles and thin materials. The material chips are collected and discharged through the cover with integrated suction.
Multifunction Table
  • The worktable is equipped with attachment points that can be used for additional lateral stops or custom devices. An open design on the left-hand side of the machine also allows the processing of extra-long workpieces by rotation.
  • The machine is delivered with a basic tool body for 4 quick-change blades type Euracryl ES on the milling/polishing-unit. These can be used to produce (high-)glossy, sanitized or ready-to-glue surfaces on PMMA, PC, PETG, SAN and many more materials. It is also possible to process modern mixed materials such as PMMA with paper or aluminum.

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