Kuper KLM 470 – Glue Application System




The KLM 470 Glue Application System applies a precise quantity of glue to both edges of veneer bundles. It can apply either urea or PVAc adhesives. Veneers are cut parallel with a ZFS double-knife guillotine. The operator then places the veneer bundles onto the roller conveyor which is then feeding it to the gluing heads. Aligning of the veneer bundle and setting of the gluing heads according to the veneer width is automatically done in one process. The height of the veneer package is detected by a laser at the infeed of the machine. According to this height, the KLM 470 sets for alignment and hold down pressures and gluing of the package automatically. These parameters can be stored, edited and retrieved for different veneer species. Communication with the machine is provided by the SIEMENS S7 300 control and a touch-screen panel. A data-flow from the guillotine Kuper ZFS to the KLM 470 is possible. Information ”width of the bundle” just cut is given to the KLM 470 which opens accordingly.

Standard Features

  • Clearly arranged control panel with PLC screen
  • Transport conveyor with galvanized steel rollers
  • Transport roller conveyor with galvanized steel rollers
  • Easy dismounting of transport rollers for cleaning
  • Higher alignment feed (+300%)
  • Higher pot-life of the glue due to reduced rotation speed of the glue rollers in stand-by
  • 100% tight pressing of the bundle (no intrusion of glue into the bundle)
  • Left-hand fixed roller fence
  • Right-hand moveable roller fence on guided linear ball bearings
  • Teflon-coated glue pots for easy cleaning
  • Cooling unit for the glue pots

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