Kallesoe Press Line System Solutions




Complete Factory Solutions

Kallesoe is a leading engineering and press solution manufacturing firm with an extensive legacy spanning over 50 years in the solid wood industry. Renowned for their expertise in machine production, they specialize in delivering customized solutions to a diverse global clientele. Kallesoe’s proficiency lies in producing comprehensive production lines for Laminated Timber and Engineered Timber across five key domains: CLT, Glulam/GLT, Solid Board, Multiply Boards, and Scantlings. Each press line is uniquely designed to accommodate your specific requirements and preferences. Trust Kallesoe for innovative press solutions that define excellence in the mass timber manufacturing sector.

CLT Production

Kallesoe aims to provide tailor-made solutions for optimizing high-capacity Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) production in close cooperation with its partners. Recognizing the critical importance of having the perfect setup for your CLT production, they design a system solution tailored to your unique business requirements. This ensures the highest quality and capacity utilization through cutting-edge RF technology and adaptable machine solutions.  

With Kallesoe’s CLT press line, including the state-of-the-art CLT press, you can choose to glue the edge of the crosswise and lengthwise lamstock. 

Glulam/GLT Production 

Kallesoe’s advanced system offers a flexible production line for glulam/GLT. One advantage of a glulam production line with Kallesoe’s radio frequency Glulam press is its high degree of flexibility, perfectly suited for the unique demands of order-based production.  

With their specially designed solutions, you can: 

  • Quickly and easily adjust the width to produce single glulam beams (down to 240 mm) and multiple glulam beams (in total up to 1280 mm) 
  • Adjust the height in the press so that glulam of different thicknesses can be produced. 
  • Press glulam beams in different lengths in the same press cycle. 

Combined Factory Solution for CLT and GLT Production 

Construction with CLT usually also requires glulam beams, which is why Kallesoe offers combination lines that can manufacture both products – with both a CLT press and a Glulam press. The two lines each require their own press and lay-up system for CLT and glulam beam production, respectively, but to optimize the production area, they use the same finger-jointing system, high storage, and mechanization. 

As a space-saving alternative, Kallesoe offers a Combi press capable of producing both CLT and glulam beams in a single press. 

Solid Board Production 

For manufacturing solid wood boards, we at Stiles recommend Kallesoe’s Solid Board Press Solutions, available in both hot press and radio frequency technology variants. Kallesoe offers a diverse range of solutions tailored to board production needs – all high-capacity and highly profitable. Each press line is uniquely designed to accommodate specific requirements and preferences. 

Multi-Layer Panel Production

Unlock your production potential with Kallesoe’s tailored solution designed for producing multi-layer panels, ideal for construction purposes or as versatile cladding panels. The innovative approach ensures the necessary strength and stability for a diverse range of applications. Choose between Kallesoe’s advanced Radio Frequency (RF) solution or opt for the efficiency of their hot press solution to elevate your Multiply Boards production.  

Scantling and Window Component Production

Enhance production capabilities with Kallesoe’s Complete Factory Solution for Frame wood and Window Component Production. Kallesoe’s comprehensive offering is designed to streamline and optimize every stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring efficiency and precision from start to finish. Experience the next level of expertise with Kallesoe’s cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the specific demands of the industry.