Orma Hot Press



Press structure: Structure is made entirely of welded and tooled machine beams. The choice to offer the beam structure instead of the bended steel sheet (economically more viable) has come from the decision to offer a highly reliable product where quality plays the main role.

Hydraulic system: HAWE highly reliable hydraulic power unit fitted with a double stage pump, the first stage at a low pressure and fast drive to begin the platen movement and the second stage at a high pressure and slow movement to get the press into the working pressure set by the operator.

Controls: General switch board from where the operator can set and use all functions of the press. As a standard, all the presses are supplied with the automatic pressure recovery device. This accessory allows to keep the same given pressure, even in case the panel, under the platen thrust, shall lower its thickness. Siemens touchscreen digital control to set and/or adjust all press functions.

Mechanical Elements: All the NPC presses are fitted with a cross rack system composed of: 2 rack groups for the platen depth and 2 groups for the length all connected by torsion shafts to grant a perfect platen movement.

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