HOMAG STORETEQ F-100 Panel Storage & Retrieval System

Gentle on material, automatic, and fast, the STORETEQ F-100 single-axis feeder efficiently supports panel dividing. This compact solution is an ideal first stepping stone into automation, enabling shops to increase the productivity of their stand-alone panel saws or CNCs, and thoroughly organize their material storage.

Modeled after the larger HOMAG STORETEQ P-300, the F-100 has many of the same automated panel storage and retrieval capabilities and is simplified with single-axis movement. The gantry uses vacuum suction to fetch the needed board just in time from the stacking area, rotating the material as needed, and placing it on the proper machine. As a result, the continuous process flow increases the productivity of your equipment.

The STORETEQ F-100 is scalable and completely customizable with your business’s growth, allowing for up to eight total positions in its automated system, including up to four storage locations and up to three processing machines.

Like the larger P-300 panel storage system, the STORETEQ F-100 is also powered by the woodStore 8 software from HOMAG. When paired with HOMAG’S Cut Rite optimizer, the software efficiently manages all aspects of storage, from linking the purchasing system to order processing, to managing offcuts and optimizing material movements. Harnessing the power of woodStore 8’s off-cut management module, the F-100 provides complete cataloging and managing of useable off-cut panels.

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