Corrugated Box Machinery

Using the cardboard-box cutting machine you will exactly produce the packaging that you need – in optimal shape, with high volume utilization degree, and with minimum unit cost. Performance and quality are raised when compared to manual packaging. The best: Design your PAQTEQ C-250 to your own specific needs and requirements.

The PAQTEQ C-250 is designed for use in both stand-alone operations well as for integration at the start of a packaging line. Carton cutting machines process corrugated board into individual cartons. The cardboard is cut in a continuous process, i.e. the feed system automatically transports the corrugated cardboard into the automatic cutting machine. From single sheets to endless cardboard boxes with 12 different web widths – the PAQTEQ cardboard cutting machine offers the right cardboard feeding system for almost every requirement.


  • Produces tailored packaging, always in the optimum size and in the specifically required quantity
  • Customized packaging ensures for best product protection, thus minimizes transport damage
  • Demand for packaging and filling materials is significantly reduced
  • Storage and logistics costs are significantly reduced
  • Simple and intuitive operation thanks to powerTouch and intelliCut software control

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