HOMAG – Panel Dividing SAWTEQ S-500 Series



Performance Saw for Mass Production

The SAWTEQ S-500 and S-510 saws combine uncompromising technology and enormous material throughput with maximum availability. This is ensured by the fact that the saws are very easy to service and maintain. Overall, the SAWTEQ S-500 and S-510 are the result of a design that has been thought through to the finest detail and leading technology. In short: The saws stand for maximum performance and durability, combined with the greatest possible flexibility when it comes to saw configuration.

  • Innovative pressure beam guide principle for long service life and lasting precision
  • Saw body made of SORB TECH – advantages over steel girder designs:
    • 10 times better vibration dampening
    • 20% higher sound absorption
    • 30% longer saw blade life
    • 40% lower consumption of primary energy during its production
  • Control software CADmatic 5
    • Full HD widescreen multi-touch monitor with powerTouch user interface
    • Graphically supported diagnostics and 3D assistance
    • Ready for connection to tapio

(Previous product name: SAWTEQ B-500 | HPP 500)