HOMAG – Panel Dividing SAWTEQ S-320 flexTec

Customized Cutting on a Large Scale

The SAWTEQ S-320 flexTec is a revolutionary cutting cell to custom cut single panels. With the SAWTEQ S-320 flexTec, HOMAG revolutionizes cutting in batch size 1 production and allows highly flexible order-based or customer-specific production. The innovative cutting cell is designed specifically for processing single panels and completely redefines the flow of parts — whether as a standalone solution or interlinked. The machine concept allows fully automated processes and unlimited recuts and can operate completely autonomously over long periods, depending on the part removal version. This new flexibility and freedom gives your staff time and space to perform other value-adding tasks.

Whether you want to focus on maximum performance or minimal waste — the SAWTEQ S-320 flexTec allows you to optimize your production to meet your needs. The new performance of up to 3000 parts per shift is particularly useful for meeting the requirements of kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and office furniture manufacturers. At the same time, the S-320 flexTec provides almost 100% technical availability, gentle material handling and exceptional cleanliness.

  • The automatic ejecting device transports all the parts away from the cutting line and back into the work area of the robot
  • An automatic labeling system labels all the finished parts
  • The industrial robot undertakes all the panel handling and parts leave the saw in the correct orientation
  • Software-controlled waste flap – opens and closes in sync with the machine