HOMAG – Panel Dividing SAWTEQ S-200 Series



The Right Saw for Cutting Panels Horizontally

The SAWTEQ S-200 / S-210 offers you exactly what you need in a woodworking shop to cut panels horizontally: plenty of power, precision and flexibility. That’s because this well-equipped saw can easily be upgraded at any time. This begins with the technology: the SAWTEQ S-200 / S-210 offers you a choice between two standard models and a wide range of technology options, allowing you to customize your machine to meet your specific requirements. You remain flexible and get a cutting solution that can grow in line with your requirements. The SAWTEQ S-210 can be equipped with an integrated lifting table for program-controlled feeding from the rear. This is significantly more ergonomic, faster and more
efficient than feeding solely manually from the front

  • Quick-release system Power-Loc makes changing the saw blade of the main saw and scoring saw easier and faster
  • intelliGuide Classic – operator assistance system
  • Cutting lengths up to 4,300 mm
  • Control software CADmatic 5
    • Full HD widescreen multi-touch monitor with powerTouch user interface
    • Graphically supported diagnostics and 3D assistance
  • All-round protective guard for more storage space under the rear machine table
  • Manual pressure regulation for processing pressure-sensitive material, located in the operating area and so easily accessible