Makor Edge Series – Finishing – Gemini

Automatic, single sided machine for inline sanding, buffing, cleaning, varnishing, drying and curing operations of solid wood, MDF or other material panels and profiles. The accurate feeding track is engineered by the constructor to feature steel links and self-lubricating idle bearings. On option, the track chain can be equipped with retractable dogs for the transfer and feed of short pieces with no limits in as far as minimum work piece length is concerned. The top pressure beam for work piece hold-fixturing is fitted with rubber wheels. The modular engineering design of these machines allows for the implementation of all the buffing, sanding and grinding units developed over the years by all the Makor Group member-companies. The adoption of the CYCLONE vacuum coating technology ensures optimised finishing quality on even the most complex-shaped profiles whereby the application of 100% dry solids UV products prevents overspray, as well as environment-damaging emissions into the atmosphere. The latest generation of UV lamps, featuring temperature control and automatic shutter, ensure rapid drying and curing cycles.