Kuper FL/Innovation Series Longitudinal Splicer




The Kuper FLI series is the perfect machine to make your veneer splicing process easier and faster. This robust and dependable longitudinal splicer offers increased accuracy, speed, and consistency. An advanced infeed system guarantees ideal positioning of veneer pieces and thus creates a clean, strong glue line. The FLI is the only machine that can glue and splice simultaneously, making it a great option for veneer shops and other businesses seeking greater versatility and productivity. The FLI’s efficient 12mm heater bars, virtually maintenance free chains, and intelligent energy management system, put it at the top of the list for anyone dealing with high-quality veneer. With a user-friendly operating panel that can be easily adjusted to any splicing requirements, including micro and thick veneer offerings, you can be sure that the Kuper FLI will surpass your expectations.

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