Makor Drying System – FASTDRY

FASTDRY tunnel ovens are designed for in-line drying and curing of water-based of solvent coatings applied manually or by a wide belt spray machine. The nature of this lineal in-line curing system provides extremely efficient focus of convection hot air and infrared energy, allowing the coating to cure in a much shorter time than with other common curing methods.

In FASTDRY’s two-zone oven system, Zone 1 is the “flash off” zone that provides laminar hot air to eliminate the volatile solvents or water that must be evaporated before higher intensity curing energy is applied. Laminar means that warm air enters the tunnel at the far end of the zone and is drawn toward the tunnel entry with an extraction fan. The air temperature and velocity increases as the freshly painted part proceeds through the oven. Temperature and air speed are adjusted to prevent “blistering” of the coating as the volatiles evaporate.

Zone 2 provides the “curing” of the finish. Much higher temperatures and increased air velocity occurs in this zone. Hot air is forced into a plenum and then concentrated with nozzles to greatly increate the air velocity, and is referred to as “Wind Jet”. The Wind Jet zome may also have a number of infrared emitters installed to facilitate curing in the shortest time possible.

FASTDRY is custom-sized to meet the specific curing requirements of the applied coatings, taking into consideration the conveyor speed of the finishing line. Typically, Zone 1 requires more time than Zone 2. Once the volatiles are completely evaporated, very high energy intensity may be applied in Zone 2 without negative effect on the applied coating. A lasting, beautiful finish is the result.