Doucet – RETYX Return Conveyor

Panel Return Conveyor System

The RETYX, an articulated arm with a vacuum grip, automates the handling of the panels at the infeed and outfeed of your edgebander. With similar features to a typical return conveyor, it has the advantage of presenting the parts in the right orientation for the next pass, allowing automatic stacking and unstacking in the areas provided for this purpose.

A 3-axis vacuum grip manipulator paired with receiving and return conveyors to handle the panels with care while maintaining a high cycle rate. The manipulator by its translation in vertical and horizontal moves the panels from the reception to the return zone or the stacking zone. It is also possible to use a zone to unstack the incoming panels in the production cell according to the operating mode.  In addition to all these movement actions from one area to another, there is an axis of rotation to orient the panels for their next passage through the edgebander.  Before feeding, the operator chooses the type of production and selects the number of passes of the panel to be fed. Depending on the pattern of production, RETYX performs the operation planned at this stage in the sequence.

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