Doucet – GANTRYX Stacker/Destacker

The GANTRYX, an articulated arm with vacuum grip, automates the handling of the panels at the infeed and outfeed of your moulder or sander. It allows automatic stacking and unstacking in the areas provided for this purpose.

A 3-axis vacuum grip manipulator is paired to handle the panels with care while maintaining a high cycle rate. By its translation vertical and horizontal, the manipulator unstacks the material from the pallet or the stacking zone.

In addition to all these movement actions from one area to another, there is an axis of rotation to orient the material for its next passage through the moulder or sander.

Before feeding, the operator chooses the type of production. Depending on the pattern of production, GANTRYX performs the operation planned at this stage in the sequence.

  • Vacuum grip manipulator
  • 40” vertical and 120” horizontal translation or stroke or movement
  • Rotation from minus 90 to plus 180 degrees