Kuper CRC Series CrossRunner Crossfeed Splicer




For more than 70 years, demanding woodworkers have insisted on Kuper veneering machines. Stiles is proud to represent this excellent German-crafted series of innovative and economical machinery.

Kuper makes a veneer processing machine for every application, from veneer clipping and veneer splicing to veneer trimming, and is the only manufacturer to offer a full range of advanced veneer jointing technologies.

Kuper Zig-Zag veneer splicing machines use the globally patented Kuper Zig-Zag gluethread system. Developed in Kuper labs, these gluethreads are manufactured in modern production plants. Coated glass fiber, polyamide and polyester threads… there’s a suitable thread for your specific application.

Kuper longitudinal and crossfeed splicing machines give you production options for your process and both assure splices that are almost invisible.

Stiles represents the entire Kuper line, allowing you to set up and operate a complete Kuper veneer process in your shop, from initial clipping to gluing & fanning, to stacking and shrink-film wrapping.

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