For the Inseparable (Corner) Joint

The KF is the universal Machining Center for Cutting to Length, Coping, Drilling, and Dowel Driving of longside profiled workpieces – for the coped corner joints. The main characteristic of this machine
are the two high-speed milling spindles, rotating in opposite directions. The result is a perfect, tear-free coping. If you’re looking to produce high-quality coped corner joints, fastened with dowels or screws, the KF is THE MACHINE OF CHOICE. In combination with the Machining Center for profiled bars FD-E2, it is possible to do all necessary operations on the long side of the components for windows and doors. All you need are profiled components.


Excellent Quality Coped Joints

The excellent, tear-free coping is achieved by means of two counterrotating milling spindles which can be equipped with up to three sets of coping cutter heads. The drilling holes for the dowel- or screw fastened connection are drilled with one or several drilling units. The dowels can be glued and inserted in one working cycle.

Intuitive User Guidance

The completely in-house developed and programmed machine software is continuously adapted by us to new hardware and customer requirements. The user guidance is simple; manual operation via touchscreen or online control is very intuitive. The interface is largely language-independent. Programming skills are not required.

 Automatic Drilling and Glue Injection

All drill holes for the dowel connected joint are drilled over the machine program. The dowelling package includes a high-pressure glue injection, a dowel driving system with an oscillating conveyor and a dowel sorting device.

Coped Corner Joints

In any form and execution: with dowels and glue or fastened with screws.