CBS 3800 – Trimming & Buffing Machine


The Gottschild CBS 3800 is a combined trimming and buffing machine for foil laminated, 3-D furniture components. The proven overhead trimming system for removing the entire overlapping PVC foil from MDF furniture components is perfectly complemented by a brushing unit. The four- or eight-head rotating brush system removes the glue overspray from the backs of the 3-D furniture components, as well as rounds down the sharp foil edges for optimum results. Combining the trimming and buffing units allows for a single process. The CBS 3800 can produce up to 2400 panels per shift, utilizing both trimming and buffing functions. The two-head trimming system, with patented round knives, quickly and efficiently processes the lengthwise edges of the workpiece in throughfeed operation. The flexible control system offers the possibility of running the trimming and cleaning functions with this separate control function; the brush station can also clean contoured parts. The low-maintenance brushes are very durable, ensuring low production costs.

  • Two-head rotating knife trimming system
  • Four- or eight-head rotating brushing system
  • Spiral brush removes glue residue
  • Angled feed roller conveyor with component staggering
  • Modem for remote maintenance