BSD 2000 – Buffing & Cleaning System


The Gottschild BSD 2000 is a buffing and cleaning system for foil coated, 3-D furniture front panels. The four- or eight-head rotating brush system removes the glue overspray from the back of the furniture front panels, achieving an optimum texture of edges at the same time. This result is achieved, because the disk brushes are put on the back of the front panels with pneumatically controlled pressure and clean them. Any remaining loose glue is removed by a spiral brush. The BSD 2000 has been designed for a capacity of up to 3800 parts per shift, making the machine the perfect buffing system for medium and large-scale productions. The BSD 2000 has been equipped with an automatic recognition of size and thickness of the furniture panels, enabling easy adaptation to random loading, without losing time in throughfeed operation. Due to the flexible control system, there is the possibility of buffing rectangular and contour parts. The low-maintenance brushes are very durable, ensuring low production costs.

  • Four- or eight-head rotating brushing system
  • Spiral brush removes glue residue
  • Angled feed roller conveyor with component staggering
  • Modem for remote maintenance
  • Adapts automatically to size and thickness of components, making random feeding possible