The Salvador SuperCut 100 | Automatic Crosscut Saw

The Supercut 100 from Salvador is an automatic crosscut saw designed to improve the cutting process, offering the maximum quality/price ratio.

The robust, reinforced steel structure of the machine and cutting group provide unmatched stability to produce clean, square, and consistent cuts. Featuring a double-plane loading area, two opposing operators can work together to feed the saw and maximize its production ability. With its toothed belt advancing system for increased control and precision, powerful infeed motor for maximum productivity, defect removal through crayon marking, and the easy-to-use industrial windows operating system, Salvador’s SuperCut series ensures manufacturers of all sizes get the most out of every cut.

Key Features of the Salvador SuperCut 100

  • As the board enters the machine, a unique laser-photocell reading system identifies the crayon markings and compares them against the required cutting list. In microseconds, a cutting solution is achieved based on the highest value and/or yield. The software can also manage up to five grade qualities which are managed by the number of marks within a given distance.
  • Safety is key; the cutting area is far from the operator’s working space, and the machine will not run when the covers are open. Noise is reduced as the cutting area is inside a metal sound enclosure.
  • The self-standing electrical box is separated from the machine to protect it from dust and vibrations.
  • Optional outfeed table lengths are available with an option of up to five (5) outfeed ejectors.
  • There is an Inkjet printer option available.

Watch Salvador’s video below to see the SuperCut 100 in action!

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Author: David Ghisolfo, Solid Wood Product Specialist at Stiles Machinery