Salvador for You | New Software on Salvador Machines

Salvador is a leading manufacturer of optimizing and crosscut saws for cutting wood materials, its derivatives, and plastics. Founded in the heart of one of the most valued furniture manufacturing centers in Europe—San Vendemiano in the Treviso Province—more than 40 years ago, the brand captures the area’s tradition for woodworking at both artisan and industrial levels with their production of wood processing tools.

New Software on Salvador Saws

The management software previously installed on all Salvador machines, TROPTIM, is being replaced with the innovative “Salvador for You,” or S4U, software. An in-house collaboration among Salvador’s R&D, After Sales, and Commercial departments, the upgraded software was created around customer feedback and is adapted to the current needs of the market. Hence the name, Salvador for You.

Running on the latest industrial version of Windows, the new software is customized specifically to Salvador machines. Salvador for You uses a new electronic system in which higher-performance servo drives will be used: a key factor in achieving higher operating speeds and greater production capacities, particularly regarding pass-through machines.

With a view to industrial automation and the new manufacturing technologies that characterize Industry 4.0, S4U has been designed to provide greater flexibility in terms of interfacing the optimizer with all parts of the third-party ecosystem, such as scanners, automation, and management-preoptimization software.

Also, for this important reason, the graphical user interface has been completely overhauled to ensure a smoother, more intuitive, and interactive user experience, with all functions conveniently within mouse reach.

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Author: David Ghisolfo, Solid Wood Product Specialist at Stiles Machinery