Profile Finishing & Automation




Sanding – LFC
This machine was created for the honing and calendaring of linear profiles and furniture parts,...
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Makor Sanding – LF
Machine equipped with fladder wheels designed for sanding raw and painted profiles. The frame is...
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Spraying – IRIDE UV
The linear spraying machine mod. IRIDE 204 and 206 UV have been realized to spray...
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Makor Gesso Application – TF/P
Machine designed for the in-line coating of varnish and chalk products on building profiles by...
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Vacuum Coating – STORM
This machine is designed to apply water based and UV acrylic paint products on furniture...
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Makor Profile Series – Shaping – SAG 80
Automatic machine designed to shape silicone wheels and abrasive disks. The profile data input is...
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Makor Sanding – LPC
The transportation of up to 9 inches long profiles is made possible by the use...
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Makor Sanding – LP
This Automatic Sanding Machine LP is particularly suitable to sand different types of mouldings, both...
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