Coating/Polishing Systems




Schiele Impregmat
The Schiele Impregmat® polishing system is a proven, patented concept for high-efficiency and loss-free impregnating,...
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Schiele VACUMAT® SpecialCoat
The Schiele VACUMAT SpecialCoat® coats system modified for specific products or coatings and unlimited fields...
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Schiele VACUMAT® UV Dryer
The Schiele VACUMAT® UV Dryer quick-dries UV lacquer securely and effectively regardless of the work...
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Schiele VACUMAT® MiniFase
The Schiele VACUMAT MiniFase® allows for quick and precise application of water soluble coatings on...
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Schiele VACUMAT® ProfileCoat
The VACUMAT ProfileCoat sets new standards for profile coating in economy, precision and flexibility -...
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Schiele VACUMAT® LaminateCoat
The Schiele VACUMAT LaminateCoat® offers optimum precision and reliability for water-repellent finishing of laminate edges....
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