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Total control of efficiency, from raw materials through customer satisfaction

How efficient is the workflow in your plant? How well are you controlling waste? What’s the average cycle time for your panel sizing process? Is quality control catching production errors? Are shipments going out on time? If you don’t have ready, dependable answers to these questions, you could be merely breaking even – or losing money – instead of turning a profit.

From raw materials to design, from production to shipping, our solutions help you manage your manufacturing processes by delivering more powerful information and greater control.

Better communication, greater efficiency

Chances are you’re running multiple software programs in your shop. How integrated are they? Is it time for an upgrade? Stiles Software helps you achieve maximum efficiency by creating a seamless link between all the equipment on your shop floor. Our approach to software makes your business more competitive by allowing you to integrate your entire operation, from the office to the plant floor. No matter what brands of machinery are in your shop, we can help make your operation more profitable.

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