Moulding Solutions for High-Quality End Products

Moulding is the process of shaping a piece of wood into a desired profile or pattern using a moulding plane or other tool. Moulding is often used to enhance a piece’s decorative statement by adding detail work to items like furniture, chair rails, baseboards, crown mouldings, and other wood products.

There are many benefits to adding moulding into your production process. To name a few, moulding allows for a more versatile product range; the strength of a piece of wood can be increased by adding thickness to different areas, such as the edges of a tabletop; and the moulding process is quite cost-effective, allowing manufacturers to add decorative flair to a final product at a fair price point.

Stiles knows that the key to increasing profits is the capability to produce high-quality goods at a cost-efficient price point. Our Kentwood moulders are designed to produce quality moulding with improved efficiency, greater productivity, and trouble-free performance—all at an affordable price.

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Kentwood Moulders – M300 Series
Planing and Moulding The M300 series is the first step into quality 4-sided moulding manufacturing....
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Kentwood Moulders – M100 Series
The KENTWOOD M100 series offers a combination of unique features, quality, and affordability. The M100...
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Kentwood Moulders – M500 Series
The KENTWOOD M500 series is designed for top-level 4-sided moulding manufacturing. Built heavy and strong...
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Kentwood Moulders – M1000 Series
The highest levels of safety are on board with the Kentwood 1000 series moulder, including...
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Kentwood Moulders – M600 Series
For higher capacity demands, the KENTWOOD M-600 provides the right tool for the job. Standard...
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Kentwood Moulders – M2000 Series
Designed with the operator's convenience in mind, the KENTWOOD M2000 series moulder is the flagship...
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Kentwood Moulders – M200 Series
The Kentwood M200 series is the latest evolution of the best in class moulder solution....
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