Material Handling

Increased production speeds, quality, and shop safety with automated material handling equipment.

For decades, manufacturing processes were labor-intensive and hands-on at every stage of production. As the number of automated machines increases on the shop floor, material handling equipment and practices also become a crucial part of production.

There are many benefits to adding automated material handling solutions to your manufacturing process—such as increased efficiencies and accuracies as raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products are moved and placed in precise locations on the production floor. Implementing material handling machinery can also improve safety, preventing accidents and injuries that could occur from manually transporting heavy materials, as well as minimizing the risk of product damage, and improving quality standards.

Stiles offers material handling solutions to meet your manufacturing goals.

Some of the current material handling technologies on the market include conveyors and lift systems, which speed the transfer of materials; swing arm panel feeders that ensure continuous production; and panel stackers, which can provide more storage and retrieval options. Fully automated stacking and de-stacking machines can easily handle input from multiple conveyors and trolleys, helping the entire manufacturing process run smoothly with little-to-no human interaction.

Stiles is pleased to bring you material handling solutions from leading manufacturers, including Homag Automation, Holzma, Q-System, Schmalz, System TM and more, keeping raw materials safe as they’re worked into finished products.

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Doucet – GANTRYX Stacker/Destacker
The GANTRYX, an articulated arm with vacuum grip, automates the handling of the panels at...
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Doucet – SRH Return Conveyor
SRH Return Conveyors, the third generation of the belt transfer return system, designed to be...
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Southworth Lift Tables
Southworth is the world's leading supplier of hydraulic scissor lift tables. If you need a...
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Schmalz Vacuum Lifts
Vacuum Tube Lifters Jumbo Move Goods Weighing up to 300 kg Quickly and Easily Cardboard...
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JOWI Mobile Racks – Mobile Racks
JOWI Mobile Racks e.g. to transporting long material horizontally or to allow varnished components to...
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STORETEQ S-200 Panel Storage & Retrieval System
Driven by HOMAG’s Woodstore software, the STORETEQ S-200 is the perfect solution to optimize the...
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CABTEQ T-200 Throughfeed Case Clamp
Electric throughfeed case clamp CABTEQ T-200 Flexible technology for the complete carcass variety No matter...
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STORETEQ Panel Storage and Retrieval Systems
Whether you're operating out of a double garage or in large industrial space, any manufacturer...
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A HOMAG case clamp is the perfect addition to your kitchen or furniture manufacturing assembly...
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CABTEQ S-250 Stationary Case Clamp
Case clamp CABTEQ S-250 For the ambitious cabinet assembly The CABTEQ S-250 is the perfect...
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System TM Opti-Stack Series – Automated Stacking Systems
The automated stacking systems are designed to dramatically increase the capacity of the main machine...
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Opti-Feed Series – Automated Feeding Systems
The automated feeding systems from System TM are designed to dramatically increase the capacity of...
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Kentwood Material Handling Solutions
From board sensing to AI defect scanning, the Kentwood Advantage Rip Series offers new age...
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