Clamping Equipment for Project Accuracy and Quality

Clamping securely holds two or more pieces of wood together while the glue is drying or further processed, drilled, or sawed. Clamping equipment comes in various types, such as bar clamps, C-Clamps, and pipe clamps. The benefits of clamping extend to ensuring a tight bond between the pieces of wood, reducing the risk of shifting or moving while being worked on, and increasing the accuracy of cutting and drilling. In manufacturing, clamping your wood pieces also ensures that a consistent amount of pressure is applied to your project, helping improve the final product’s quality and appearance.

Stiles offers a variety of clamping equipment, clamp solutions for edge gluing and laminating to rail door clamps, high-production rotary door clamping, and high-production systems.

Product Type



JLT High Production Rotary Door Clamping
The Taylor Door Pro clamping system is designed for the medium to large door shop...
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JLT Heavy Duty Entry Door Clamp
Machines for Clamping Entry Doors. Heavy duty entry door clamp. Produce more solid wood doweled...
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JLT Drawer Clamping
The JLT Heavy Duty Drawer is designed to clamp and square all doweled and dovetail...
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JLT Buddy System
Combine your Edge Gluing and Laminating and your Door Clamping into one Machine with a...
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JLT Stile and Rail Door Clamps
Machines for Clamping and Squaring Stile & Rail Cabinet Doors
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